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Ageless bespoke design, contemporary looks and expert craftsmanship

The following kitchen examples are representative of the traditional styles of kitchen we can design and install for you. The examples are based on the partner network of suppliers we have well established relationships with. So, when you are browsing through our traditional kitchen zone and you are inspired by certain showcase kitchens you can have confidence that we can design a kitchen that will be bespoke to you, but inspired by what you've seen and liked.

You'll find shaker, cottage, country and farmhouse designs, all with contemporary good looks.

What's important to stress is that our gallery of kitchen examples cannot show every possible colour combination, but rest assured any colour is possible. Some of the kitchens you will see do reflect a standard range of colours, while others show some bespoke colours. Each kitchen description will highlight if a colour is from a standard pallette or bespoke.

We're here to assist...

If any traditional kitchen inspires you but you have questions please give us a call or send us an email. We are here to assist you in arriving at design choices that will influence your new kitchen.

With endless options you will at some point want to engage with a kitchen designer. We're confident that we will be able to assist you. Kitchen design is the foundation of what we do.

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More showroom zones to browse through

Modern Kitchens

High gloss modern kitchen - bespoke gloss calico and lake como paint palettes
Modern gloss white and olive green handleless kitchen
Modern mid grey rust and black kitchen
Modern handleless industrial theme colours kitchen
Modern kitchen matt grey and white units
Modern high gloss kitchen - Sky blue units and rish wood worktops
Modern gloss handleless kitchen savanna units duck egg quartz worktops
Matt light grey modern style kitchen with black steel look kitchen island
Matt graphite and brass true handleless modern kitchen

Scroll through examples of the types of modern kitchens we can design and install for you. Our examples just generate ideas. Together we will achieve a kitchen that's unique to you.

Visit our Modern Kitchen zone

Eco-friendlier Kitchens

Miinus eco kitchen light grey veneer doors and white marble effect worktops
Miinus kitchen white gloss units and grey ceramic worktop
Miinus kitchen matt grey units and white ceramic worktop
Miinus eco-friendly kitchen brushed steel effect units stainless steel appliance and white ceramic worktops
Miinus kitchen matt grey units white ceramic worktop and blue ceramic splashback
Miinus natural word style kitchen with veneer doors and ceramic worktops

Scroll through examples of the Miinuss eco-friendly kitchens we can design and install for you. Our examples will generate ideas. Together we will achieve a kitchen that's unique to you.

Visit our Eco Kitchen zone

We're here to assist...

Investing in a kitchen is not a trivial thing. How we use kitchens has changed. We no longer just prepare food in our kitchens. They have become the heart beat of our homes.

Buying a new home is often influenced by the kitchen area. Electing to improve an existing home is almost always going to have the kitchen high on the list of areas to change.

With change comes choice and when it comes to kitchens there are a lot of options. We're here to help you navigate your new kitchen journey.


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