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The Award Winning Puustelli Miinus Eco Friendly Kitchen

The Puustelli Miinus kitchen is different, very different. It's beautiful on the outside and very smart on the inside. When you choose to have a Miinus kitchen you are making a statement about you and your attitude towards the environment.

The following showcase kitchens are, in our opinion, great examples of how environmental considerations don't mean compromising on looks. You may also be pleasantly surprised to find that what you pay for an eco friendly Miinus kitchen is comparable with a conventional kitchen.

The satisfaction you will get from your eco street cred cannot be measured.


Beautiful outside - Smart inside

  • Fewer materials

    49% fewer materials than a conventional kitchen are used in the manuafcture of a Miinus kitchen. A big plus for sustaining planet resources.

  • Smaller transport footprint

    45% smaller transport footprint as a result of thinner and lighter kitchens materials.

  • Recyclable frames & worktops

    The biocomposite material used for the frames is 100% recyclable, as are the ceramic worktops.

  • Formaldehyde free*

    0% formaldahyde in the biocomposite frames and drawers. *Low natural levels may be present in other materials, subject to personal choices.

  • Water resistant

    The biocomposite frames are water resistant and carry a 30 year warranty.

  • Less waste

    Every detail of the manuafcture of Miinus kitchens is about reducing waste. Using fewer materials further reduces waste.

Watch The Miinus Eco Friendly Kitchen Video

The many positives of a Miinus kitchen

  • Recyclable doors and end panels

  • Wood products from FSC sources.

  • No melamine or laminate coatings.

  • Designed to be disassemble and reassembled.

  • Water dilutable and environmentally friendly surface treatments.

  • No chipboard or MDF.

  • Sustainable Finnish birch and pine used for wooden worktops.

  • Fully recyclable draw mechanisms.

  • AAA rated appliances.

  • Low energy LED lighting.

We're here to assist...

If any Miinus kitchen inspires you but you have questions please give us a call or send us an email. We are here to assist you in arriving at design choices that will influence your new kitchen.

With endless options you will at some point want to engage with a kitchen designer. We're confident that we will be able to assist you. Kitchen design is the foundation of what we do.

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Matt graphite and brass true handleless modern kitchen

Scroll through examples of the types of modern kitchens we can design and install for you. Our examples just generate ideas. Together we will achieve a kitchen that's unique to you.

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Traditional Kitchens

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Contemporary in-frame cream painted shaker kitchen

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We're here to assist...

Investing in a kitchen is not a trivial thing. How we use kitchens has changed. We no longer just prepare food in our kitchens. They have become the heart beat of our homes.

Buying a new home is often influenced by the kitchen area. Electing to improve an existing home is almost always going to have the kitchen high on the list of areas to change.

With change comes choice and when it comes to kitchens there are a lot of options. We're here to help you navigate your new kitchen journey.


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